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Montessori is an educational approach,

developed by Italian Physician and educator

Maria Montessori.  


This method has been implemented worldwide since 1906 and has proven to be a success;

its effectiveness is demonstrated by children

from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

Montessori is a philosophy, a set of values

and a way of thinking which provides an

approach to life based on respect and trust.


 Montessori is about understanding that young

children are driven to become independent

and take part in daily activities that may be

taken for granted. Dr. Maria Montessori firmly believed the first six years of a child's life are

the most critical in terms of processing

information and physical development.  


It is during this time that a child's powers of

absorption are the highest, and attitudes

and learning patterns are formed.


Our Montessori teachers have studied the

work of Dr. Montessori and can apply the

theory behind the method in all areas of

the prepared environment.



Montessori material is a general name for

the teaching aids and activities within

the classroom; which include a combination

of specific Montessori apparatus and

teacher made materials.


Montessori designed her didactic apparatus

by observing children, realising that children

need the comfort of using things their own size.

The Montessori apparatus is introduced to children as they become ready for the 'next step'

in their learning process.  


All activities are presented on a 1:1 basis;

this way individual progress can be assessed

and recorded enabling staff to track children's

progression in attaining their early learning

goals as set out in the EYFS.

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